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 “Each patient is a living, breathing puzzle just waiting to be solved. I use techniques that are customized to the individual needs of each person. Patients come to me for relief of various ailments but ultimately find themselves feeling more alive, vibrant and more in sync with their natural ability to heal.”

-Dr. Heidi Arabia


Dr. Heidi is a doctor who listens to her patient's needs, provides gentle adjustments to the spine and offers pricing that is affordable to everyone. Originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Dr. Heidi graduated from Life University’s Doctor of Chiropractic program in Marietta, GA in 1994. Prior to entering chiropractic school Dr. Heidi worked as a nurse at the respected UPMC Medical Center in Pittsburgh. Learning more about chiropractic care, she realized there was an approach to health that didn't require medication and surgery.  She shifted her focus toward chiropractic care as an all-natural solution for improved health and well-being.  In school she specialized and instructed other students in Upper Cervical adjusting. This technique focuses on correcting subluxations around the brain stem, which can be especially devastating to your health. Today in practice, she uses this and other techniques to care for her patients.


Dr. Heidi is the Mother of 2 children who have been under chiropractic care their whole lives. Her family resides here in the Towne Lake Community, where they enjoy an active lifestyle including tennis, hiking and mountain biking.




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