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Chiropractic Care for Children

Throughout pregnancy, infancy and childhood, chiropractic care can keep the body performing at it's peak. Making healthy choices for our children, such as a wholesome diet, plenty of activity and keeping their body moving and functioning optimally, is all part of being a good parent. Repairing 'dents and dings' to the child's body as they happen will keep them from suffering the consequences as they age. Many adult spinal and health problems begin in childhood when damage is caused by a fall, an accident or undue stress on the body. Even the birth process can cause strain on the nervous system and skeleton, not showing it's symptoms until later in life. Your children will thrive when this damage is corrected right away by visiting the chiropractor for a corrective adjustment every now and then.


An adjustment to a child's spine is very different than an adult's adjustment. Children are very delicate as should be their spinal care. Children are often hesitant to get adjusted at first, but after the first time, they can't wait to climb up on the table to see Dr. Heidi.















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