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She called it a miracle!

You might not know that I am fluent in the language of Picky People. That's right, I speak the language because I AM a certified picky person. Studying Chiropractic techniques for 20+ years has allowed me to accumulate a bag of tricks with tools to please just about every picky person you know. Debbie came to me recently with a fear of having her neck adjusted. After having a bad experience with a 'popping' neck adjustment at her previous doctor, she wouldn't even let me touch her neck for 3 weeks. After gaining some trust in my style, Debbie finally asked me to check her neck. I decided to use a very special adjusting tool called an Arthrostim to adjust Debbie's neck. It is a gentle, electronic tool that doesn't create a 'popping' sound when the adjustment is given. When Debbie came back on the next visit, she was calling it a miracle! Debbie had suffered from ringing in her ears for 40+ years and it finally stopped after that first neck adjustment! Sitting in a quiet room was finally a peaceful experience for her! She was as happy as a kid in a candy store! When your friend cringes at the thought of getting her neck 'popped', tell her Debbie's story. Tell her there is no reason to be afraid of going to a chiropractor when Dr. Heidi has a bag of tricks to please even the pickiest of people.

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