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Do you know a Wellness Guru?

A large part of my day is spent adjusting patients who are already healthy. They choose to use Chiropractic care as a preventative measure, much like getting a dental cleaning, but for the spine and nervous system instead. Getting regular adjustments keeps their immune system fine-tuned, helping to ward off germs more naturally. It also keeps my patients moving freely so they can enjoy peak performance in their active lifestyle. Getting a weekly adjustment also helps them keep their stress level under control which is a benefit we can all appreciate!

*Wellness patients are those who you hear talking about prevention, buying fresh foods and who prefer not to take medication.

*Those with insurance benefits usually pay a monthly co-pay (50-100) that covers all of their adjustments for the month. Some insurance plans will also cover massage therapy as part of that package.

*Wellness-minded people tend to bring their family in for adjustments as well. So, I will commonly see Mom, Dad and the kids in one visit. A healthy family is priceless!

When you have a wellness-minded friend who needs a great Chiropractor, have them call me, Dr. Heidi Arabia.

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