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DIY Chiropractic Adjustments

After popping his own back so many times, Dave was brought to his knees in pain on the 18th green at Towne Lake Hill Golf Club, after giving himself his very LAST self-adjustment.

I have a Bachelor of Science degree and spent 4.5 years gaining my Doctor of Chiropractic degree so I could master the subtle nuances of the human spine, but Dave thought that the chiropractic adjustment was a Do-It-Yourself activity.

Dave was back on the golf course 6-7 weeks later but the long-term instability he created will continue to be a problem. Dave is thankful he didn't do any permanent damage and sure wishes he had me take care of his low back issue long before he had to deal with the debilitating pain.

Next time you see your tennis partner crack her neck, remind her that it may feel good today, but getting it permanently corrected now will help her avoid a lot of pain tomorrow. And it will improve her backhand, which is great for both of you!

Have her call Dr. Heidi so I can answer any questions she has about her first adjustment.

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