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Cure for Aleve Addiction

At the end of her first visit in my office, Michelle told me she finally felt like she had found a doctor who truly listened to her and treated her like a whole person, not just another patient with a problem.

Michelle is a school teacher, who suffered with neck pain that radiated into her shoulders for 7 months before coming to see me. By the end of each school day, she had to take an Aleve to make it through the evening's activities. She felt like a terrible Mother because she couldn't give her children the loving attention they deserved.

The first 3 adjustments didn't provide any relief for Michelle, but by the 3rd week, the radiating pain was drastically reduced. By week 4, she stopped taking Aleve to get through the evening and now, 5 weeks later, she is feeling good enough to throw softball with her daughter in the evenings. That makes Michelle feel like the great Mom she wants to be.

Your friend, who is a teacher and takes pain medication to get through the day, wants to get back out on the tennis courts on Sunday afternoons. Tell her you know a chiropractor who will really listen to her and help her feel like herself again.

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