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Webster's Technique for Breech Babies

Kristi came to me looking for a miracle to avoid a c-section the following week. By now, her baby should have turned head down in preparation for birth but her little one was still out of position, commonly called a breech baby. Kristi had heard from a friend that I was certified in a pre-natal technique called the Webster's Adjustment. This gentle adjustment helps the pelvic muscles and ligaments of the uterus relax so the baby can get into the proper position for the birthing process.

This adjustment to the pelvis has shown to be over 80% successful in resolution of the breech presentation caused by intrauterine restraint. When successful, the Webster Technique avoids the costs and/or risks of external cephalic version, cesarean section, or vaginal trial of breech. It is very safe and comfortable for both Mother and unborn child.

Sure enough, by the next day, Kristi's baby was in position, ready to be born- head down! Kristi enjoyed a natural delivery and Baby Bryson was a bouncing bundle of joy!

When you know a Mother who is carrying her baby breech, let her know that you know a chiropractor who is certified in the Webster's adjustment. Tell her to ask for Dr. Heidi.

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