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Neck Stiff: Use It or Lose It

Have you heard the phrase 'Use it or lose it"? Every time I see an elderly person back out of a parking space, I think of this phrase.

Jim and Judy, both patients in my office who are in their late 70's, developed an interesting system to manage the task of backing out of a parking space. Jim would turn his whole body around to the right, Judy would turn her whole body to the left and between the two of them, they had a pretty good view. Together, they had it covered but alone, they were in trouble.

Like most older folks, Jim and Judy wanted independence from one another but they had safety concerns when driving. As a fellow driver, I too had safety concerns, but lucky for them, as a chiropractor, I knew just how to help.

They began care by getting adjusted every couple days to improve the range of motion in each spinal joint. They also worked at home to improve the condition of their neck and back through specialized exercises. They encouraged one another to keep up with their routine so they could enjoy the benefits of a healthier spine.

Now, Jim and Judy feel comfortable driving alone and share their story with friends so they can get adjusted as well.

The use it or lose it rule is definitely true for spinal motion. Let's encourage our loved ones to keep their spines healthy and mobile well into old age so they can enjoy independence.

If this story reminded you of your Aunt and Uncle, who make you nervous when they get behind the wheel, give them my card and let them know Dr. Heidi helps people restore their loss of motion in a very gentle, comfortable way.

Older M-F couple with glasses

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