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Seniors and "that popping sound"

Grandma with a Sun Hat
In times past, it was considered prudent to save, rather than spend; go without, rather than splurge and to wait, rather than indulge. That being true, seniors have saved, gone without and waited long enough.

Taking proper care of your spine and tending to your health isn't a luxury or an indulgence, it's a requirement for an active lifestyle during the golden years. Those who have neglected to care for their spine and nervous system may find themselves suffering with degenerative disc disease, muscle stiffness, joint pain and frequent injuries.

Along with good nutrition, a regular chiropractic tune-up helps keep the body healthy and active.

What about that popping sound?!

It is common for senior patients to be concerned about the popping sound during a neck adjustment. As a chiropractor, versed in many different adjusting styles, I prefer to us a gentle instrument on the spinal joints of my older patients. This instrument is not only comfortable, it also makes the adjustment without any popping or cracking sounds that make some people nervous.

Ask the Grandmas and Grandpas in your life if they knew that health insurance and Medicare pays for chiropractic care. Encourage them to take a little time for themselves and make an appointment for a tune up.

The adjustment will give them more energy, boost their immune system and help them prevent injuries as they age.

Call Dr. Heidi Arabia at Ribley Family Chiropractic


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