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Computer Work and Neck Pain

A desk jockey sits in the same position, all day in front of a computer, virtually motionless for 40 hours a week. They are more likely to suffer from back pain and neck pain than their friends with less restrictive jobs. A motionless spine is a sick spine and sick spines love Dr. Heidi. Police Officer Collins felt like a 26 year old cripple every morning as he rose from bed and hobbled into the shower. After only 6 months on the job, sitting in his cruiser, he had to stop exercising due to pain. Getting in and out of his cruiser was excruciating. Thinking he may have to stop down to a position at the detention center, he came to me willing to try anything. After one month and 8 adjustments, his treck to the shower was pain free and now he is hoping for a very physical canine officer opportunity. When you get to the office today, ask your favorite desk jockey, "What hurts worse today? The neck or the back?" and hand them my card. I'd love to be their chiropractor and help them overcome their limitations. Tell them to Ask For Dr. Heidi.

Young Designer

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