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How To Prevent Back Pain

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Did you know that back pain is 90% preventable? So, if its 90 percent preventable how could there be such a high percentage of people seeking care in chiropractic offices and medical offices? It's a sad fact that everyone who has a desk job that sits in front of a computer all day will suffer from chronic low back pain at some point in their career. Why not reach out to the person that sits across from you all day at a computer? My guess is that they have not yet started a chiropractic care program because they either didn't know chiropractors could relieve, or better yet, prevent pain. The next time you see someone doing the low back pain stretch, Simply ask them, who is your chiropractor? Then tell them to call Dr. Heidi so she can customize a rehabilitation program to get them feeling better fast! For those who are looking to prevent back pain before it starts, we have a plan for you too. Let's talk about it during your complimentary consultation! CALL 770-592-2505 and Ask For Dr. Heidi.

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