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Gristle In Your Neck?

Grilled Steak

Scar tissue is like a piece of gristle on a fine steak. If a muscle doesn't heal properly after an auto accident, gristle forms instead of healthy tissue. Kathy came to me 18 months after an auto accident and it never occurred to her that the daily headaches and weekly migraines she had been suffering from were the lingering effects of the accident. I suggested to her that perhaps she never fully and correctly healed from the auto accident. Sure enough, Kathy had some very tight muscles at the very top her her neck, called suboccipital myospasm with trigger points. Lucky for her, with my new training in Physical Therapy, I knew just what work needed to be done. I suggested she purchase an unlimited adjustment plan for the month. In addition, we did some soft tissue work and she committed to some home exercises. Kathy was so ecstatic to be headache free by the end of the 4 week period. Now she visits me once every 3 weeks for a spinal tune-up. She loves being able to plan several days in advance knowing that she's not going to be in bed with a migraine during part of the week. I have the training and experience to recognize gristle and help bring the body back to a healthy state. If you know someone who had an auto accident, ask them if they ever have symptoms that they think may stem from the injury. Let them know your chiropractor specializes in finding old damage and supports the body as it repairs and reforms into healthy filet mignon.

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