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Expect a Miracle

I am a chiropractor. I spend the day adjusting people's spines. As you can imagine, what I do isn't nearly as interesting as why I do it. Patients come to me with a broad range of concerns about their health. For one man, all he wants is to play ball in the yard with his grandson. A mother's desire is to go on a family vacation with her 3 kids and be able to ride a roller coaster without pain. Some patient's reasons may surprise you, such as a father who is concerned about his son's ability to stay focused and attentive in the classroom. Being able to give patients the things they want and need to live a whole life makes me passionate about what I do. Medical solutions aren't always a solution and are often just a band-air to cover the problem. Chiropractic care offers a natural alternative to some of the most frequent reasons for a visit to the medical doctor. If you know someone who is unhappy with their health in some way, suggest they give an alternative solution a try. When a chiropractic adjustment changes the biochemistry or the neurology of how the brain and body communicate, miracles can happen. I like to expect them. Tell your friend to ask for Dr. Heidi.

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